The Accordian Festival in Fuglafjordur

At the Accordion Festival in Fuglafjord, it is possible to experience a variety of musical performances carried out by children, laymen, amateurs and professional musicians.

Accomplished professional musicians, educated at recognised conservatories, have participated in previous years and will do so this year also. Their professional performances have been inspiring and felt more or less as a musically effervescent revelation to audience, participating amateurs and full-fledged musicians. As in previous years an accordion workshop will be held at the festival. Normally, a professional accordion player will take care of the instruction in basic and advanced playing skills, finger techniques and musical interpretation. In addition to life quality enhancing musical performances on different levels, sing along sessions with accompanying accordion assemble will be arranged in local spiritual tabernacles and apostolic church.

Vladimir Ushakova og Svetlana Stavitskaya

The instrumental duo, Vladimir Ushakov and Svetlana Stavitskaya, is well known in Europe for their excellent musical performances. The instrumental duet has existed for 20 years. Over the years, the duo has been performing concerts in many cities of Russia, in surrounding countries and abroad, like Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain.

As participating members of many music groups, Vladimir and Svetlana have been awarded several prizes and honors, and even been crowned with laurels at various international competitions. In 2003, they were laureated in an international competition, after having been performing successfully as a duet in the international competition “Citta di Castelfidardo” (Italy) in the category of music by Astor Piazzolla. At the same time, they received an invitation to perform at the memorial concert to the memory of the great Argentine composer.

Svetlana Stavitskaya was born in Daugavpils, the second biggest city of Latvia, in 1974. Her first teacher, who instilled love for the accordion, was her father. He played and sang, arranged home concerts and created a favorable creative musical atmosphere. Thereby, he influenced the choice of the daughter’s professional occupation. Svetlana completed her musical education in the magistracy of the Lithuanian Academy of music and theatre in the class of professor Eduardas Gabnis, and graduated in 1998. She is a brilliant musical performer.

Vladimir Ushakov
 was born in Leningrad in 1968. He began playing the accordion when he was 4 years old. He graduated from the Conservatoire in the class of Valery Belyaev in 1983, progressed in the Mussorgsky music college in the class of Vyacheslav Gerasimov and finished in 1987. Thereafter he advanced in the Institute of Culture and qualified in 1994. Since then he has been a very active musician. He is a dazzling accordion player.

Svetlana Stavitskaya and Vladimir Ushakova are going to play a variety of exciting and international advanced accordion music at the accordion festival, Fuglafjarðar Harmonikufestivalur, organized by the accordion association, Fuglafjarðar Harmonikufelag. The accordion festival transpires from 22nd to 24th August 2019 in Mentanarhúsinum (the Culture House) in the Faroese city, Fuglafjørður.

Alf Hågedal

Alf Hågedal was born in Tibro, Skaraborg, in 1976. He began to play the accordion at the age of 13, inspired by his father.  Alf Hågedal is considered as an autodidact accordionist. Early on he showed talent and interest for musical composition. This interest took off and skyrocketed soon after. There was no time for anything else. For a couple of years Alf didn’t play the accordion at all. In 1997-2004 he  studied contemporary classical composition  at Musikhögskolan vid Göteborgs Universitet. During this period Alf did find time to play the accordion again, and in 2001 he made a first attempt to market himself as a soloist. The first album “Solo & Trio” (2002) really contributed to make him famous, and he was elected to Swedish “Accordionist of the Year 2003”.

Through the years Alf have taught many students – at music-schools, at universities and in study-groups. Nowadays, his teaching has boiled down to private tutoring though

In the studio Alf have been very prolific. Since 2002 he has recorded altogether nine solo-CDs, three quartet-CDs and additionally two CDs, where he is accompanying the vocalists Ove Köhler and Mika Tahvanainen respectively.

Ever since the summer of 2015, Alf has been focusing on composition. What then started out as an editing process to prepare a complete edition of his earlier accordion compositions, turned into a frantically creative period instead. Alf’s former compositions  as well as many brand new ones will in years to come be published by Alf Hågedal Musikförlag – launched in March 2019.

Lennart Larsson

Lennart Larsson was born and raised in Frederiksberg, a town in the county Dalarna  in Sweden. He has travelled a lot in the Nordic Countries as a performing evangelist. Lennart is more or less an autodidact pianist and accordionist.  He masters both of the instruments to a high degree of proficiency. Lennart is a worthy and cheerful accordionist, who is able to enliven the audience where ever he performs.

Lennart is good at learning by heart. He remembers at least 400 songs and corresponding melodies. As time goes by and some of the songs become gradually rarer and even sink into oblivion, new and up to date lyrics and tunes are memorized, resulting in a fairly constant number of modern singable and sonorous evangelic material, suitable for spiritual congregations.  Mastering such a large programme, he lets the audience suggest songs and immediately thereafter starts playing and singing flawlessly. This talent evokes admiration.

The majority of  Lennart´s programme has been recorded on LPs , tapes, CDs and DVDs.  Moreover, Lennart has participated in different hymn, psalm and song programmes on TV and radio, and it is still possible to witness him on  several new channels with Christian messages.

Lennart Larsson is going to play and sing a variety of celestial and divine songs at the accordion festival, Fuglafjarðar Harmonikufestivalur, organized by the accordion association, Fuglafjarðar Harmonikufelag. The accordion festival transpires from 23nd to 25th August 2019 in Mentanarhusid (the Culture House) in the Faroese city, Fuglafjørður. 

Kristian H. Rusbjerg

Kristian Rusbjerg was only 10 years old when he started playing the accordion.  His grandfather, Evald Hammerum, inspired him and was also his first accordion teacher. They played by ear. Kristian progressed fast and became soon a  member of the local accordion club in Videbæk and later also in Herning. There he met Jesper Christensen, who was at the same age. They soon became partners and started to perform as a duo at accordion festivals in Denmark.

Kristian´s talent and dexterity developed fast and he decided to participate in music competitions. His interesting rendition, interpretation  and advanced  performance  made him a champion in the demanding Frosini Grand Prix competition in 1997, 1998, and 1999.  In 2001 Kristian and Jesper released their first CD. Soon after,  Kristian Rusbjerg, Jesper Christensen and Jens Peter Nielsen embarked on a project called: “Accordion hits”. The sale figures transcended 100.000 CDs and the group was honoured by gold and platin records for their musical feat. Afterward,  Kristian and Jens Peter participated in the Danish film: “Inkasso”  and the musical band: Dræsinbanden. as musicians.

In 2014 Kristian Rusbjerg released a double-CD named: “Visiting card – 25 years with the accordion”. Many musical genres  are presented, and the performance is skillfully accomplished by a musician with the accordion and the heart  on the right site.

Kristian Rusbjerg is going to play a wide assortment of interesting, familiar and advanced accordion music at the accordion festival, Fuglafjarðar Harmonikufestivalur, organized by the accordion association, Fuglafjarðar Harmonikufelag. The accordion festival transpires from 23rd to 24th August 2019 in Mentanarhúsinum (the Culture House) in the Faroese city, Fuglafjørður.


Oasubrøður is a well organised accordion and guitar ensemble playing and singing skilfully together. The  group is going to perform at a sing-along gathering on Sunday  xy August 19:00 o´clock at the Accordion Festival, organised by The Accordion Association of  Fuglafjørður.  The spiritual congregations, Siloa and Thabor  will participate together with  the accordion group, Accordion Friends.


Harmonikuvinir is a seasoned and musically mature accordion group,  bolstered up and supported by piano, guitars and mandolin. Their music is sounding and enchanting. The Accordion Festival ends  with a sing along arrangement Sunday evening 26 August at 19:00 o´clock, where  the spiritual congregations Siloa and Thabor together with the bands The Accordion Friends and The Oase Brothers participate.

Havnar Harmonikufelag

The Accordion Asociation of Thorshavn will participate with their diverse, traditional and life quality enhancing programme, which disseminates a special optimistical jocularity.

Norrøna Dansiband

Norrøna Dansiband is a group of musically seasoned gents, who have their special style, popular among happy dancers. The group´s special playing and songs hit hard and accurately the reptile brain and  trigger off  the sway and turn instinct of the dancers.


The sail boat, Dragin, will make a life quality enhancing accordion excursion on Saturday 25 August at 13:00 o´clock. Good music, convivial songs and fresh invigorating oceanic air is balm for the soul. The crew serve hot delicious soup. Limited access.

Hanna og Terji

The duo, Hanna and Terji, will participate with outstanding accordion and mandolin performances as well as exceptionally good  soul like songs. Their concerts are always inspiring and arousing regarding musical figuration. The duo were for many years hosts of the popular radio programme, called The Accordion Moment.

Hanna and Terji began to play as a group in 1994. They performed first time at a party arranged by the Associaton of Faroese in Hirtshals, Denmark. Since then they have played at wedding parties, private views, public art exhibitions, birthday parties and many other sorts of get-together. In 2012 they participated first time at the danish accordion festival, called Ærø Harmonikafestival. While being there, tey were invited to perform at the Squese-box festival, downtown in Frederikshavn, Denmark,  together with the famous Danish accordion player Mogens Bækgård and the eminent Norwegian accordion player and singer Odd Arni Halaas. Moreover, the duo has been twice to Spain and performed at parties and social events arranged by the Faroese Association, Sólorka. Furthermore, they have been hired once again by Sólorka to perform in Spain this autumn.   Hanna and Terji have been playing and play still at spiritual congregations, f. ex. “Sing Along”, arranged by the group “Harmonikuvinir”, meaning accordion friends.

Sharon's Men

The group called Sharon´s Men have been playing every Tuesday during the winter time for many years as a dance band in connection with folk-dance teaching in Thorshavn. Throughout the summer term the orchestra performs widely in the country  e.g. at folk-music events, Summer Tunes, which is an established long lasting music activity continuing from early to late summer, at playing places, and  finally at  music festivals. The Sharon´s Men, headed by the pianist Kristian Black, play pleasant and comfortable Irish, Scottish and Faroese folk music.  The members and instruments of the group are: Janus á Húsagarði, mandolin and vocalist, Eyðun Mohr Hansen, guitar, Jóanis Erik Køtlum, accordion, Kristian Black, piano, and Mikkjal Helmsdal, flute.

Anna og Angelika

Anna Hüdepohl, who was born and raised in Germany, studied classical accordion at the Academy of Music Jutland by Jytte von Rüden. In 2004, she completed her music pedagogical diploma exam.  In 2006 she finished the soloist class by arranging a successful concert at Musikhuset Århus and Mogens Dahl concert hall in Copenhagen.


Her repertoire ranges from baroque music to contemporary original accordion works. On one of her CD she presents works by the Scandinavian composers Arne Nordheim, Poul Rovsing Olsen, Torbjörn Lundquist and Bent Lorentzen. Bent Lorentzen´s new work  “Sifs Guldhår” is inspired by an episode from the Nordic mythology and was premiered on the debut concert.


Sofia Gubaidulinas “The Profundis” is a classic in the modern accordion literature. The work is written over the hymn 130, “From depth I call You”. Anna Hüdepohl has received a number of scholarships and won the 1st prize at the “Coupe Suisse de l’Accordéon” in 2005.

Anna Hüdepohl landed a position at the Faroese School of Music called Musikkskúlaskipan Føroya in 2007. She is the first and only accordion teacher at Musikkskúlaskipan Føroya ever. Since then, she has established an accordion class with 28 pupils and, furthermore, created an interesting and lively accordion environment in the capital. Furthermore, she has been an active soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of the Faroe Islands.

Besides her activity in Faroese folk music, teaching and solo career, Anna Hüdepohl is also an active chamber musician. Together with her performing companion, Ambjørn Sellin Lebech, she has carried out a musical duel between accordion and percussion. Anna Hüdepohl has also performed together with Kristina Thede Johansen on saxophone. Moreover, Anna Hüdepohl on accordion and Angelika Hansen on violin have regularly mesmerized audiences with their professional and sublime ensemble playing.


Angelika Hansen, born in Vestmanna 1983, started playing the violin at the age of only 3 and is the Faroe Island’s number one traditional fiddle player.

With deep roots in the musical tradition of her home country, Angelika also feels at home in jazz and classical music. After growing up in a musical family, she studied music in Reykjavik and Copenhagen.

Angelika Hansen has premiered several new compositions by Faroese composers as a classical soloist. She is also a regular member of the Faroese Symphony Orchestra as well as the Faroese modern ensemble, Aldubáran.

She also tours world-wide with her own band, “KVONN” (“Angelika” in the faroese language), the Faroese Symphony Orchestra, Yggdrasil, Aldubaran, Norðan, and also as a solo artist. She has toured all the Scandinavian countries, the USA, Australia, Japan, Greenland, Germany and Hungary.

Her album “KVONN”, which bears the name of the band, and was released on Tutl Records in 2007, is with a lively group of Faroese musicians, who play traditional and contemporary folk music from around Scandinavia.  Kvonn ‘s repertoire includes music composed by the band members, as well as traditional tunes and tunes from the 18th century notebook of Faroese musician and scholar Jens Chr. Svabo. Since their early teens, both Angelika Nielsen and their bass player, Mikael Blak, have regularly performed with the musical group: Spælimenninir too, and for the last few years KVONN has existed as a group on its own.  Kvonn appears in two versions: full band, including all five musicians, as well as smaller ensemble, without bass player Mikael Blak.

Angelika has a duo with Thomas Loefke, kalled “NORÐAN”, which released a new album entitled,  “North Atlantic Soundscapes” in the summer of 2014. Moreover, and Angelika Hansen on violin and Anna Hüdepohl on accordion have regularly mesmerized audiences with their professional and sublime ensemble playing.

Angelika has also composed half of the tunes of the latest album, “Dímun”, released August 5th 2014, with the band, Yggdrasil, lead by the legendary Kristian Blak.

HIH- quartett (Harmonika-tanterne, Ingibjörg og Hannes). Háhá -Trío (Harmonika-tanterne og Hannes)

Elísabet Halldóra Einarsdóttir was born and raised in a fishing hamlet called Akranes, which is nearby the capital, Reykjavík, where she lives now. Elísabet is autodidact on guitar and has been singing in child choir, mixed choirs and church choir. Moreover, she has participated as a singer on the well-known SIBS Christmas tape. She studied accordion playing in 1981-1982 with the famous Icelandic performer Grettir Bjørnsson (1931-2005). She has been playing in the orchestra, FHUR, since 1987 and in the FHUR-female group and female duo since 2018.  Besides these activities, she has also been accompanying a pensioner choir. The last four years Elisabet has been studying with the famous accordion player and teacher, Sigurð Alfonsson. Elisabet and Sigurður have performed together occasionally at children´s home in Iceland. She has been and still is the president of the accordion association, called Felag Harmonikuunnenda i Reykjavík  (FHUR), meaning the Association of Accordion Lovers in Reykjavík. Finally, Elisabet is vice-president in the association, called Samband Islendska Harmonikuunnenda (SIHU), which means the Union of Icelandic Accordion Lovers.

Gyðja Gudmundsdóttir was born and grew up in a town, called Neskaupstaður, in the Northfjord, located in the eastern part of Iceland.  Early in her life she studied accordion playing with August Armann at the music school in Neskaupstaður. She also performed in a brass band and sang in a church choir with August as director. Gyða and Elisabet have been playing some years together at old people´s homes and other places in Iceland. They call themselves the accordion aunts, because they suddenly noticed that over the years they had become genuine accordion playing aunts. Gyðja has been a member of FHUR (Felag Harmonikuunnenda í Reykjavík) for four years, and she is currently the vice president of FHUR. FHUR means the Association of the Accordion Lovers in Reykjavík. Gyðja is playing both in the FHUR-orchestra and a gender clean female accordion orchestra. She lives in Kópavági.

Hannes Baldursson was born in Keflavík, nearby the international airport in Iceland. Keflavík is sometimes called the Beatles Town. Hannes is a qualified music teacher and schoolteacher. He has studied with Torkell Sigurbjørnsson and many others music educators. He is a capable performer and is able to play the piano, organ, guitar, bass and many other instruments. Hannes is using the Sibelius software to compose and arrange his own music. He has been playing in many bands in Iceland and in addition acted as a director of children choirs, adult choirs and church choirs. Hannes has also worked as an organist at several churches in Iceland. Furthermore, Hannes has been director of some accordion orchestra, like Harmonikuunnendur Vesturlands (HUV) -Accordion Lovers of  Vesturland – Nikkolina in the western part of Iceland, and last year (2018) he also became the director of FHUR. Hannes lives in Reykjavík.

Ingibjørg Torleiksdóttir was born in a town called Tingeyri, located in the district of Isafjord.  She grew up  in Árnardal og Svavlvágum, where fer father worked as a lighthouse keeper. She has been an active singer with a band in Tingoyri as well as with different choirs in the region.  She sang also in a quartet in the home economics school in Blønduoss, where she and Elisabet met first time fifty years ago. Both of them, Ingibjørg and Elisabet, have acted as singers at several occasions in different locations in Iceland. They  sang also in the Faroe Islands in 2005.  The lady friends always start singing, when they meet. Ingibjørg is a member of an accordion association called Harmonikufelag Vestfjarða (HV). She lives in Tingeyri.

Sharon Weiss

Leygardag 24/8-2019 Verkstovur/skeið Kl. 16 – 16:45 Fólkadansur fyri børn (aldursmark: frá 3. fl.) Vit læra fólkadansir úr m.ø. USA, Onglandi, Ísrael, Danmark og Svøríki. Foreldur, ið vilja dansa við, eru eisini vælkomin. Ver í klæðum, tú kanst røra teg í. Vit dansa í dansiskóm, innandurafimleikaskóm ella berføtt. Dansifrálæra: Sharon Weiss; tónleikur: Týskvølds akkordeonbólkur. K. 17 – 17:45 Intro til Fólkadans (fyri vaksin). Vit læra ein brellbita av fólkadansum úr m.ø. USA, Onglandi, Hetlandi og Danmark. Tað er ikki neyðugt at møta sum par; einstaklingar vælkominir. Dansifrálæra: Sharon Weiss; tónleikur: Sharon’s Men.